So many annoying spam emails are getting through my contact forms :S Anyway, I haven’t posted forever! YAY! Haha, I’ll be back soon :) Really, really soon and for reals. And I am excited! First things first…theme! As usual :P

But that will be until I’m done with the other themes I want to work on. Hoho. I never get ┬átired do I? And with this kind of nonsense post! LOLk.

Meanwhile, drop by my new tumblr blog and follow me :P

That’s an order! JK :3 I will follow back of course :D

BBM: 2900DED8 | iMessage: ncpo@me.com | ChatON: 9166791418 | Textfreek: +639277777777

Like I actually talk much to people eh? I do at times :)


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