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I slept 10 AM. LOL. Actually, I was planning to sleep. I thought we were going to the mall and I was planning to buy some stuffs but mom said they wanted to rest at home for today~ laaa~ and I was upset so I just slept til 3 PM when Christian finally came over.

I already finished the contest verification this morning (12-4 am lewls) and then I asked Christian to finish the rest. I just told him what  to do.

Anyway here it is, I did everything manually and did check everything. However, I could not see my old spam (to check if there were emails there or anything) plus I already sent email. But I just changed plans and made them earlier!

Here is a screenshot of the whole record. I blurred the emails for safety right right!

Almost there!

y stands for yes (you have done it, or you are in!) n stands for no the contrary of yes lol~ ? stands for I don’t know because some twitter accounts were protected, so I couldn’t really see.

Just click so you can see it clearly. It’s a print screen of the excel file that I made to make things organized. I used doesfollow.com to check if those who joined were indeed following me and I also checked there tweets. Some tweets weren’t recognizable D: D: I also checked your twitter accounts manually (if you were following me) yet I did saw some that really didn’t follow. Well, it’s not much of a biggie since it’s not that required.

But sadly there were those who missed to link the websites I asked to be linked. It should be in the sidebar or I guess at least footer. Same goes with Glamourville’s banner. She’s a major sponsor of this contest you know ^^, So I put emphasis that you should place it somewhere within your websites – not a post too btw.

So to make it fair for others who really put into effort in this and followed the instructions correctly. I will no longer give chance to those who didn’t link the sites because that’s 30 points. It makes up most of the required pts D: D: And then, for those who missed to follow some websites that I required to be followed through GFC – they can still follow until April 25th because my target is to announce the winner on the April 28th. If you still want to follow me in twitter and retweet you can do so as well.

Once you have done some of the things that you weren’t able to do back then, please email me asap so I can change the list then I will repost this on April 26th with the changes.

Thank you for those who joined. For those who weren’t able to make it, don’t worry I’ll work hard so I can have more contests for you to join and next time, I’ll be making more easy instructions D: D: It’s also tough on my part because I really don’t like counting scores lol~

I really appreciate everyone’s effort. And so I’m also thinking of giving a consolation prize to all those who joined and for those who got perfect scores! I just don’t have the funds yet because my friend hasn’t paid me yet for that essay I made for her :)

Send your questions and messages to my email little.lady@ilove-pink.info. Thank you!

Also kindly re-read the instructions if you missed something according to my list!

Click here to re-read.


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  1. Hi nadine I am Manas Kabiraj one of your contest participant.According to your screen shot there has no point for following you,but I have checked that I am following you with the user name “doofollow”.Please check once and let me inform.

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