Tamagotchi P’s

How can one not love this little cutie?

Tamagotchi P's!

Tamagotchi P’s!

I think this one is the Aikatsu version (since I also have the Aikatsu pierce. Tamagotchi P’s is short for Tamagotchi Pierces, and pierces are those things you put in the hole in the front (in the picture, it is the pink heart). I used to think the pierces were just for vanity’s sake! But now I realize and found out it’s actually like a game cartridge for this kind of Tamagotchi. If there any pierces I’d like it’s that big ribbon one! But I don’t think it’s worth getting for now because you can enjoy P’s so much already even without pierces, because of the already available VPDs thanks to Mr. Blinky.

Anyway, I think I’m saying too much! Just wanted to share about this cutie and there a lot more over my IG where I exclusively post my Tamagotchi pictures, maybe you can check at naotchi.tamagram :)


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