Clean :)

Obviously, a huge amount of advertisements disappeared in my sidebar! I don’t like them anymore. Haha :)) I want a new layout :( the small fonts are killing my eyes. I wonder when in the world it will be produced by my lazy mind.. and if only, only school was already over. But I can’t wish for that yet because school for me had just started. And I know as well as yours, everyone! Except for the blogging moms.. whew, I wonder if I’ll be a blogging mom someday too? *thinks*

Anw, this past few days have been really tiring, challenging and emotionally mind-boggling. I want to take a break at times, but I can’t. And during my no classes day, I spend my time sleeping until afternoon (@_@) because I lack so much sleep (and even now.) Because even though we only have 20 units, and 3 school days I get so tired because I have to wake up so early everyday. It makes me miss the afternoon classes when we need not worry about the time. But I think it’s also great that we have a 3 day school day only~! I guess I need to make a schedule to make things work out. And I’ve been emotionally restless because I’ve had arguments with mom and dad lately But I hope it’s over. I’m really happy of being able to text/talk with Christian more though, I was out the WWW world for about 2 days. I didn’t play Farmville 2 days. 5 days. Hooray!~

Also, finally we’ve met all our professors! Yippeee! No, I’m not so happy…errr, for PE! Our P.E. is basketball. Not that I hate basketball, but I hate PE. HAHAHAHA. I suck with PE. I hope I pass, I don’t know how to play that game and I remain questionable because of my height (what is my height? oh, don’t ask XD ) And I don’t like subjects wherein Christian isn’t my groupmate! Mwahaha. As usual.. I feel bad because why on earth with Phil. Literature and Arts and Appreciation. Those are my favorite subjects to be — the Profs ruin it >_< Me hates them. But oh well, I guess I might enjoy in the long run.

And today in general, is very tiring. Just tiring to my brain. I had to post in 5 blogs 3 posts each because I don’t want money to go to waste. But now my head hurts. I also missed studying C# Tutorial Videos I downloaded, so now, I envy Christian because he successfully made a TicTacToe game using VB 2008.

I wish I had all the time in the world =,=

I couldn’t do what I wanted because my parents are always taking me wherever they go as if I had no choice at all, okay, I never had a choice. So I made no big deal out of it. But I wish someday they’ll understand I want time to stay at home too. Sometimes, I feel already to tired because of all the walking and walking here and there.

Lastly. I want to watch New Moon! But with Christian. But we don’t have money for the tickets.

Oh well, have a blessed day tomorrow everyone!

I want to tell more but I know a long post will just bore you..

..and the best post out of the posts I made today is his post :)

Well, he kinda asked me to post. They don’t have internet at home :(

He also made some of my SPs for me<3. I am weary to think of any words to speak, to advertise. LOLness.

And I haven’t decorated by notebooks =,= because of all the sp thing. Grrr. Oh well. Hope I wake up uber early tom.

God bless everyone, Take care!, I’ll try to blog hop tomorrow :D