Midterms and File Organization

Ayt! You read that right! We’re having our Midterm this week T_T I haven’t reviewed in most subjects. We just had our Sociology Midterm this Monday (yesterday). It was really annoying, there were some questions which I knew the answers but the answers hid at the back of my mind >_< Plus, today I hate english. Despite the fact I speak it more in my blog than my nature language as a Filipino Citizen. It’s because I hate public speaking! And I’m not as good as I am as before.

So, speaking of this Midterm – tomorrow we’ll have our Midterm for File Organization and Data Communication. I hate it. I was always late in that subject. I got not so good, but not so bad grades in most quizzes but I want to be better!

Yet, everytime the paper and pen is in front of me all the answers hide and hide. I think I should take supplements. I’m becoming forgetful at this young age. Not to mention I wear glasses >_< My eyes are becoming really poor. Why I agreed in posting that about glasses in my last post, you read that right? Haha. Don’t worry I’ll take care of them, take care of yours too ‘kay? It’s really hard to have eyeglasses. Before I thought it was cool, like some of commentors said in my last post but when you’re the one wearing it, it’s a no-no! It’s hard because everytime I can’t read something I’d have to bring my eyeglasses around, it’s a burden. Although I like its color, haha, PINK.

Pink Eyeglasses


If I could, I would really love to get contact lens but I don’t think mom would agree to that. I’ll save up money for that. Harhar. Now, back to File Organization – right now, I am searching for stuff about Hard Disk Drives and Movable Storage Devices. Makes no sense much, but to me this is a burden. ARGHHH! Come on, tomorrow, File Org starts at 7:30 AM. He said we should make it handwritten :cry: And I have to do Christian’s too..

Okay, plus we might have Midterm tomorrow! Grr. But I guess it’s my fault too. I should’ve done it on Saturday but I was too happy to relax and get some stolen sleep. I did my new layout instead. Haha, yeah, you guys must’ve noticed the layout. It’s pretty simple. Didn’t want to put fancy design to my post title either. I want to befriend google. Maybe he’d like me if I try enough to be simple, and informative? Harhar. But the pages are so incomplete, I want to add more stuff too but time is timeless right now:sad:

So, as much as I want to blab (I got tons of stories, and what-nots to tell) But I got to go start working on that project. Grr. Curses! Still, goodluck. And oh, I’ll tell this endlessly: I miss you guys! I’ll visit your blogs for sure (hopefully) on Wednesday since it was declared holiday, and by the way I give my condolences to Aquino family.

If Imelda can move a room, Cory can move a nation

I forgot where I read this, but one thing is, I agree. Don’t you? See you guys around.

Thanks for those who always left wonderful comments. I appreciate it very much!~

PS. Sorry for the long post. It’s probably because I haven’t posted for weeks?LOL

Tell me, is my new layout okay?:rolleyes:

[Edited on Aug. 04, 2009  @ 10:38 PM : Added pictures. Sorry for the blurred one, haha. My hands were shaking because of too much arnis. Oh, and btw our Professor didn’t show up! LUCKY MEH :P]