I don’t know what to blog~

So, yesterday I was able to finally finish a layout for Loving Pink after so many months! Next up are my other untouched websites. We’ll be going back to school on November 3, 2010 so I don’t think I can finish everything, plus my job – oh my job, I still don’t feel like writing srsly:|

Anyway, I really don’t know what to blog too. Other than that when I bloghopped yesterday, I just realized that almost everyone in my link list have become “tumblrers“. When I look back, it’s amazing how Tumblr suddenly became a hit. I didn’t have much Tumblr friends back then so I stopped, then now I lack interest to Tumblr blog.

Ah well, since I bloghopped I also fixed the whole links page. You might want to check, if you’re there~ I delete dsome who were inactive (more than inactive than I already was) and those who don’t link me back anymore.

Plus, I wanted to ask how you guys convince yourself to sleep because I can’t sleep all the time! I mean it~ This whole sembreak I keep on sleeping at 5am, worse – I don’t sleep at all! Haha, there’s just so many things to do – I never run out of them. If not, I like downloading games for my phone endlessly even if I don’t use them. LOL.

My sembreak isn’t really productive if you ask me, it’s boring. But well, I like that I can sleep when I want to. I hope it will be extended. LOLJK, going out would be more fun.

Since I lost many links, dead blogs and unlinking-me blogs – I hope I’ll find new friends in the WWW world. I have been invisible, but now I am back – or so, I think. God bless everyone!