Happy Birthday Contest 2011!

Hooooray! Someone turned 19, that’s me~ LOL I am very ecstatic as this moment so bear with my too much positive tone. Anyway, I’m going to post about my birthday contest today.This contest is my way of saying thanks to God, my friends and visitors. I’m only sponsoring it myself and also Christian (with the domains) as of the moment so the prizes aren’t much. I will use http://www.random.org/lists/ as usual. The number of points will be the number of your entries.

So here are the prizes:

1st Prize

$20 Cash (to given via Paypal)

1 .com domain for 1 year

1 Reseller Hosting Account (optional)

125×125 Advertisement from EMN Hosting

2nd Prize

$5 Cash (to be given via Paypal)

$5 Cash from Jojomei (to be given via Paypal)

1 .info domain for 1 year

w/ Unlimited Hosting (optional)

3rd Prize

$3 Cash from Dianne (to be given via Paypal)

$2 Cash from sis Ayah

1 .info domain for 1 year

w/ Unlimited Hosting (optional)


~ Lucky two others will also get~

$2 (each) Provided by sis Ayah of hijabified.net and etc!

1 .info domain for a year

with Unlimited Hosting (optional)

Now, to get points you have/can to do the following | Marked with * are REQUIRED.

1. Follow @twinklepuff in twitter. (2 pts)

2. Tweet this in your twitter (3pts)

I am joining Loving Pink’s  Happy Birthday Contest 2011 at http://bit.ly/happybday2011!

#contest #2011 #happybdaynadine #ilp

3. Follow Loving Pink, Just Quixotic, ChristianBautista, HiJABiFiED, Hey Miss! through GFC Gadget (Google Friend Connect) (5 pts*)

4. Link the following websites in your sidebar (30 pts*)

| Just Quixotic! |  Christian Bautista | Ai-saka chan! | My Happy Thoughts | My Website Tutorials |

| Sukidesu! | A Yummy Heart | The Rainbow Star | Arua Days | Strawberry tears | LiLPink | Kcaiyah | PinkCrazeJojomei | Twistedlovebug | Diannekarol | Shedanced | Spiffystar | Dancelikecrazy | Breatheforlove | EMN Hosting

6. Place this banner on your website* (10 pts)

Glamourville Shop

Make sure the image will be linked to http://glamourville.multiply.com and that you use your uploaded image or use this http://i53.tinypic.com/wmazn.jpg

7. Repost this post in your blog using your own words, make sure you link back to this post – NOT my site. (10pts)

5. Comment on this post using your name, Paypal Email Address and Email Address so I can send you emails and your prize directly. Strictly ONE person per entry. Do not use multiple names, aliases or whatever to get more entries, to be fair :)

NOTES: If you followed, mention you followed me in twitter. If you tweeted include in your comment the link to your tweet / Same with posts on your blogs, include them in your comments. Please include the url to the blog you’ve linked the links given as well :)


[Edit] 3/16/11: Thank you sis Ayah for sponsoring <3 [/Edit]

[Edit] 3/17/11: Thank you sis Krisel for sponsoring!!<3 Also edited some stuff![/Edit]

[Edit] 3/18/11: Updated again, Thank you sis Mei, Dianne and EMN Hosting! <3 [/Edit]

[Edit] April 15, 2011 – Contest Application closed. By the way D: D: one entry per person :S[/Edit]

As you can notice you automatically get 45 Points by doing the required tasks.

Ending of application is on April 15th, 2011