TextFreek 8D

I was trying to find a way to be able to sent messages through my iPod a couple of days ago at the same time also trying to find a way to contact a friend who owns a BB (Blackberry) for free lol. But I ended up with this.


It’s like WhatsApp┬áif you’re somehow familiar with that, it’s like BBM (not sure if that’s how they call it sorry lol) but it’s free except that you have to connect via Wifi or 3G. It’s available for Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, iPad (I think), Android Phones. But unfortunately I haven’t tried with others except for iPod (since that’s what I only own right now hehe) Me and Bebi Mica has been ‘texting’ then also sis Beng 8D Here are some screenshots.

Bite SMS + TextFreek ^^, LOVE IT!

This is me testing the BiteSMS feature ‘Quick Reply’. Yeah I texted myself lol!

Reading Messages via BiteSMS

This is me and Bebi Mica texting this is through BiteSms 8D.

I’m pretty sure there’s a way that it works with Blackberry. I just don’t know how lol. I can’t borrow mom’s because it’s her office phone. Maybe someone can try for me? Haha! Anyways, isn’t it cute? You can check out textfreek.com for more info :)

OT: Sorry if I have been posting iPod stuff lol. I don’t know what to post these days, besides, this isn’t a personal blog anymore. At least, how I plan it to be. I don’t know what to blog anymore actually haha.