Christmas wish!

I used to go on making a wish list during December, into hopes that my folks would get me this and that..and when I earned a job of my own, boy did I really spoil myself! However, I ended up overspending and currently broke. Yeah, sadly lol

Despite that I think it shouldn’t be a hindrance to make a wish list, right? Maybe I’ll make one later, but it’d probably be simpler and be mostly full of toys (yeah, childish me!)

Gifts...for me? YAY!

Gifts…for me? YAY!

I’m thinking of adding up yamaha tf1 in that list as well. I might have a lot of time to get back into music soon, just as soon as I clear the mess at home (I seriously can’t function when I see the mess, literal mess there is, which I can’t do much about since those stuff in a mess aren’t mine, but soon.)