Gone are the days of blogging…

For reals. Yeah, you see my laptop got broken because of some sh*tty virus from my school. I didn’t quite expect it would, I was trying to get rid of the virus and when my antivirus asked me to reboot, on its reboot my user profile won’t load. Luckily, my laptop had two OS so I can still use it with my other one. But my files are gone, I mean, I can’t access them. I had many folders for me to remember each path location would kill my brain. Huhuhu :(

Well anyway, I was going to post a happy post but all this virus thingy ruined my plans. I woke up today at 4pm because I went home so late last night. A concert was held a school! Remember Parokya ni Edgar’s commercial? One with the Mang Tomas. Well, that’s pretty much the reason why we had some concert our school. NU 107 and Mang Tomas tour in different schools and let those schools have some concerts, and some popular bands are included. In our case, Sandwich and Paraluman were the bands came. For thirty bucks (30 php, ticket price) we can watch them plus some local bands from our school. It was great, I was really tired because of jumping and screaming. Although I was irritated because of some people who were hitting each other now and then and also us, y’know? “iSLAMAN” daw lol. Christian won a T-Shirt too when Raymund of Sandwich was throwing free tshirts. Gaaa, and we got wet he threw water from the mineral water — and more crazy stuff that happens in concerts. I have some videos although I’m not in the mood to upload, plus the virus thingy.

Tomorrow, we’ll try to reformat this laptop.  I bid farewell to all my files, artworks and saved rare installers. If ever I can save some I’ll try, that’s what I’m doing right now. But I can only save limited files, the virused USB was my 8 gig USB. So it wouldn’t help as it would just virus my other way to use the laptop :(

Wish us luck reformatting tomorrow.. hope I can still use the internet? LOL. I’m clueless with reformatting. I heard reformatting PCs were easy but I haven’t heard with laptops. Tsss. I’m going to ask Christian for help since he knows how (and I don’t yet). BTW,  i think he’s cellphone is okay. Hope so. He was using it a while ago we were talking. He said it will completely be dried after 12 hours. So we still hafta wait. I was crying because I couldn’t talk to him because it was broken, to my surprise I received a message from him, and I told him to come over. When he left, that was when I broke my laptop — I was trying to reformat my usb.  So I cried again after because of my laptop. I shouldn’t have rebooted when our antivirus asked to. I hope our school officers do something about my school’s retired computers. GRRRRR.

Wish me many bless and luck. I might take a break for real in blogging if ever I’m not able to fix my laptop :(

Take care everyone..

Will miss you all.

Thanks for all those who cheered me up :)