Pink Host Upgraded!, my host owned by my friend Mica has been upgraded! Hoooray.

Meaning, more add-ons!

Other than Pink-Host’s upgrade, I also upgraded to WordPress 2.8.4 and I would say..

That I wish they’d stopped upgrading! Haha. It’s really tiring to upgrade every now and then, it was better when they had WordPress 2.7, way better. Tsk. Anyway, I’m glad I was able to fix some plugin error some of you might have seen in my blog earlier. Midterms is finally over! Yeah and my grades err.. not that good, but not bad. But I wish should do better next time. I wanted to add stuff to my blog already and my other websites :depressed: But today, even if it’s a holiday will be a very busy day. I’ll be working on some project mom and I have. Aja aja fighting! Goodluck everyone, happy holiday and weekends! Will visit your blogs as soon as I’m done with all endless errands! :kiss:

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Going to sleep now, for real. Haha, it’s 4.54 AM (@_@)