Should I or What?

Should I take a blogging break or what? Haha. Oh well, it’s been another long while since I posted since I was busy working on this which is still not done then I work on this, bf’s blog. I have been uninspired to post lately too since I didn’t get much work than I usually do online — you know what I mean (SP!) haha. And I feel it could be better if I lessen going online and focused in my studies, since I’ve been really careless lately. Tsktsk.

Oh, but don’t worry I’m still here! I still comment back to those people who comment to me and drop by their blogs, same with those who drop by my blog and leave a tag. Everyone seems busy anyway, but I think it’s about time I take it seriously. Although I don’t know how since I seemed to be attach of going online the moment I wake up til I fall asleep — right, what you call a routine to me.

I’ll just try lessening it little by little..

Hmm, so nothing much for today. Oh right, I brought Mr. Laptop for the 2nd time @ school but this time I was finally permitted! Hooray! Tsss. You see, my parents don’t allow me to bring it when I want to. When they found out I was planning to buy a new notebook with my savings it occured to them a laptop is not for home only. Although I don’t plan bringing it everyday, but during cramming days. Hahaha, you know. Just kidding. It’s really a necessity for me since I take up BSIT.

So about the savings thing, do you think I should really buy a notebook (a smaller one) or a PSP? Haha. I always wanted a PSP, but my bf told me I should get a notebook since I can use that with my studies while my PSP won’t help that much to my studies (do you think it will? lol) or maybe I’ll just keep saving, especially the fact I’m not getting much money online lately:sad: Funny thing about bf is that he suddenly changed his mind when I brought my laptop at school today —so now he keeps telling me to buy a PSP. lol

Help me make a choice! Harhar.

And oh yeah, take care everyone. Have a nice weekend!

Be back soon..

It’s been a while since I posted like this, don’t you think? :X


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  1. I think you should keep saving the money if you don’t really need any of those things that bad. You already have a laptop and with PSP you might end up wasting time even more :rolleyes: but thats what I think. If you really have to buy, get a notebook that will help you with studies :)

    I waste too much time online too and I end up accomplishing nothing even online some days, I feel like total waste!! But these are just phases that pass ;) so don’t worry too much!

  2. aww hope you don’t take a break for too long! :lol:

    My mom doesn’t allow me to bring my laptop as well, but i honestly don’t want to also, because i’m afraid it might attract the thief or robbers attention. better safe than sorry ;) but if you really need it ofcourse bring it with extra care :grin: maybe you can buy a notebook first cos its needed then save up for a psp ;)
    <3 ava

  3. ako, di na xado oOL pero di parin ako seryoso sa pag-aaral!! grabe di ko na alam mangyayari sa aking future besprend!! HAHAHA. xD

    sana magkaron na tayo ng focus sa studies. FOCUS. FOCUS.

    pde BOTH? psp and notebook? wiiiiiii!! xD

    c laptop ko ang pangalan, piggy, kasi mbgat. haha. anung pangalan nun iyo? hahaha.

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