Short update.

This is for the contest HERE. I have disabled comments so no one can apply anymore :( I hope you joined! Anyway, today is the 15th of April so yes, application ended.

I will be announcing VERIFIED applications within 5 days, so on the 20th, I will post them here. I know that some just posted the blog post and didn’t place the links on their website :P I think so, oh it could be just because they haven’t read the instructions thoroughly. Then I will verify again on the 25th, and then I will announce winners on the 30th of April. Sorry it’s that long, I’m quite busy so I will do it little by litte, and to surprise the winners!

For those who joined, thank you so much! And Thank you to my sponsors <3 I love you all very much and I had a very happy March! It means a lot to me and now it’s April :) I will save up again so I can have another contest for you guys to join:)


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