I gotta blog this!

Because I’ve been thinking of it the past few minutes, and if I don’t blog it I will completely forget what I thought. Get me? And that sucks. Anyway, first of all, I want to share to you what I had awhile ago at Mcdo!


Strawberryyyyyyyy! I love it. However, because I had so much Mcdo food in my tummy I think I gain more weight -,- I lost everything I just worked out for. Haha. FFF. Credit to this website that I found this image, just made it have more life. Yknow me! Christian and I also had a Mini Movie Marathon.

I also renewed my passport today, I was even pissed off with my mom because she waked me up 6am (I usually wake up 11 or 12 x] ) for that and I thought I’d miss school, but I was able to make it. I thought the line at DFA was going to be endless, luckily it isn’t (and we’re still here) and my mom just paid for it to be delivered to our house. Got to school earlier, before our first class (1:30 PM, Pol Sci) didn’t really much care for Pol Sci, and then our next subject was Statistics, and when it came I was so excited (because I wanted to improve in Math) but my heart broke when our teacher asked us to arrange alphabetically. I wish my last name started with “B” already! I hate it when I’m not seating in front, I have a very poor eyesight, I hate it when I’m not next to Christian because I can’t ask someone and it made me, hate Statistics instead. But while the class was going on I didn’t really want to think how awful it was because it would just ruin our day. For the very first time in 4 semesters I tried to raise my hand to answer and recite. Hahaha yes, I don’t recite! Then the last question for us was to give an example of “interval scale I so wanted to answer “TIME” but when I asked my seatmate she said it would not be one because it had to be “ranked” but I so think it is! Anyway, at the end of the class instead of sulking over the unfortunate events that happened in Statistics, I just waited for Christian to go near my seat then I said “Hey, I have a good example for “interval scale,” and it really has no true zero! Guess what?” he asked again then I said “Christian and Nadine!” Haha, get it? Mushy much! I didn’t have¬† many points at all but somehow it makes me feel, a `lil better. Actually, the reason why I want to improve in Math is because of Christian and of course my epic fail math grades everytime, I want to make it higher, I got more pressure especially when my dad mentioned it was his favorite subj T_T or something like that.¬† Plus I have to at least improve my grades for the scholarship I have (and I want to apply to others, meh) Pressure, pressure, pressure. I don’t know how I’ll be in Stats. So today, I will start doing or making a change. Let’s start of with…the fact I will quit twitter!

I’ll have more time to do work, study and have bonding time with the boyfriend :)

Okay, I forgot what else I wanted to say. So uhm, Happy Weekends! Still need to fold some clothes, update my proj 365 and sleep. I MUST WAKE UP EARLY. Somebody ring my phone to wake me up early. LOLS!


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  1. mhalq are u xure u wnt to quit twter? Ndi knaman pow mhna sa math ewan q lng pow qng bkt wla ka confident mgtry kc pow pg tpos na un class at cnbe mu skn tama naman ung nsa icp mu, dnt down ur self pow kc aq ang lge ksma mu, iknw in myself that u r gud enough on that subject just try to show it to others

  2. palipat ka ng seat sis, sabihin mo malabo mata mo. Ako ganun eh, kaya okay lang sa harap ako. shempre diba sabihin mo gusto mo nga matuto and stuff. lol. yiheeeee christian and nadine daw oh~ kinilig siguro un! hehehe! ;))

    like ko din ung strawberry sundae ng McDo~ I looove strawberry ~ ^^

  3. I love staying at the back so it’s okay for me to have a surname starting with S :D but sometimes, napupunta din ako sa harap na ayaw ko.haaay :D

    Wow, kilig much. “Christian and Nadine”.cheeeesy..ahaha :D

    I know, school is so much pressure. we all hate that.LOL.but I know we can accomplish all of these ;)

  4. Don’t worry sweetie! You won’t gain weight for just one meal. :) When it happens, just eat something light at the next meal, like a yoghurt, that will do, and you’ll keep the weight. ;)

    And I hope you make in Math and especially Statistics! If your boyfriend and dad are so good at it, ask for their help :) No, DON’T ask them to make your exercises, but to EXPLAIN to you, step by step, how the reasoning and resolution process is. You’ll see, that’ll be so much benefitting you!! ^*^

    Take care! *MWAH*

    – *EVE*-

  5. I’m sure you’ll do it in Statistics as sooner as possible, Nadine. ;) It’s just a matter of patience, of practice, and of taking advice and suggestions from people who know the subject well. Good luck!

    – Titanus V.

  6. yay! We both wake up late eh? :))

    And abt yer poor eyesight. I guess it’s better if you’ll start using eyeglasses so it woudn’t be hard for you. Or ask your prof to place you infront and tell her you’re eyes can’t see clearly ;)

  7. woo!!! bebs ung promise mo sa akin dear abs mode!! tau :D oh btw sabihin u dear sa teacher u malabo mata u..I think maiintindihan naman cguro nea un..hay mahirap talaga pag-ganyan D: oh btw nax mushy much I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! =D

  8. I prefer chocolate.lol

    Anyway,I ‘ve got a poor eyesight too (from all the PC staring Ive been doing ) T_T I’m D though so I’m always placed near the front. :)

    Aww.<b.Christian and Nadine ?That was sweet. ;) Im all for mushiness XD
    Good luck with the scholarship.You can do it. Got no advice for you coz I suck at that subject too. haha:)

  9. yeah we’re feeling ya sis. bwahahaha.. sarap nga yang strawberry sundae ng mcdo!! yum.. <3

    I agree.. good thing my surname starts with "B" I get to sit in front everyday. bwahahaha.. :DD

  10. I love Mcdo!! Ang sarap tlga ng mga pagkain nila :D anyways, nakakarelate ako sayo when you said something about the passport. Yung parents ko ginigising kami ng maaga for stuffs related sa pagalis namin and everything like seminars. And also about the passport :D my surname is A. Lucky me :D

  11. I love mcdo’s sundae but still dairy queen is my <3… LOL

    I've been thinking of how to renew my passport :-( im now using a US passport.. lol dammit, so it means i have to go to the US embassy here.. haha

    awww christian and Nadine.. it's <3

    Goodluck with your studies and bonding time with your bf

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