Excited for school?

Well, I am not. Our school days starts on June 07,2010 (wow, our monthsary!) but I’m really not excited, for one Christian isn’t enrolled yet, and for another, I still want more bum time :))

But, despite this fact, I love the school season for the reason that we are able to buy stuff, bags, and other school things. On my part, my mom doesn’t buy me those anymore because in college all you’d really need is a decent notebook, a pen, a bag, shoes. So, because I got accepted in this scholarship I applied in with the help of my bestfriend, plus that I had funds in my Eon Cyber Account to withdraw, tadaaaa~

Bags, I like changing bags every other day :) I love cute designed bags!:)

Would you believe, the two bags (left and right) costs only 100 each? Harhar, too bad I didn’t find a 50 bucks bag today :| The bags I usually have are usually 50php. The one in the middle is an exception! haha. I bought it from Clippers :) Love that shop so muccchh!

Spongebob is excited for school too :)

That Spongebob is a bag :)) I think I posted about it before (if not here, probably in my photoblog) Christian gave it 8D. The mini blackboard is from Ate Gel’s Online shop, it’s full of cute stuff you should check them out!

I has notebooks!!! Cute ones 8D

Each costs only 25php or lower 8D haha, I love noteeebooks! The Cat Planner is also from Ate Gel’s Online Shop :)

More Cute Notebooks, cute post-it!:)

More cute notebooks n___________n I so love them! The cute post it from Ate Gel again :D

These were given to me by Isha!<3 I'm going to use these ones!

Cute ballpens!<3

6 Spongebob Ballpens! (15 php only each 8D) And a set of cute pens (from Clipper) Hooo, I hope this time I won’t have to buy a bolpen at the store near our school, with this so mannyyy ballpens!


Each cost 15php or lower :)) Harhar, actually we don’t use pencils at all. It’s just that I got hooked into their cuteness :)) I do draw a lot anyways so maybe I’ll use them! I’ll just bring my drawing book. Harhar to kill boredom while waiting for classes..

Actually, I won’t be using all of them :)) Haha, I just find them as a collection :)) When I look at them it’s as if I use them they’ll all go to waste. Tsktsk, except for the bags and pens!

Oh wait, look who’s here!


Jean introduced me to Domokun :)). I bought this from Ate Gel too. Isn’t it cute? He’ll be keeping my gadgets (USB, Mp5, Phone etc) Better take care of my stuff Domokun!!!!

Oh well, so much pictures. How about you guys? Are you excited for school?

I’ll be cleaning my shoes and other bags tomorrow too >_>