Haha! It’s 2:40 Am and I have to attend our Flag Ceremony because my Block was assigned to take care of flag ceremony and flag retreat. But I bloghopped (no comments on blogs though) on a search for something.

Still don’t have a decent layout here, so I’m quite lacking motivation to blog anything. Once I’m done working on my private blog’s layout, I’ll work on this one. Been busy since it’s midterms too, plus, my hosting problems never ends. LOL.

But i can cope up with it, I think. Hopefully, by February that hosting problem is over.

On another note, the reason why I’m online is this:

  • I am currently looking for blogs with Page ranks 1 to 3 because you can earn $$$ everyday! (Pr 1 – $3 to $4 (weekly), Pr 2/Pr3 $5 – up) So if you guys are interested, please email me at domains are preferred but I’ll try to see if your blogs can be accepted.
  • I am looking for a cheap, reliable web host. I am looking for a web host where I can buy a shared hosting for backup host whenever my sites are down. But I think so far, there’s non. lol
  • I am looking for a way to restore my old posts in this blog I had last year, but I can’t find any way. Waybackmachine doesn’t help. Tried it. So sad.

And I also played Aruarose. I should’ve just blogged in my other blogs, neh? But it’s good I blogged here. Sorry if I don’t make much sense hehe.See yah guys!