Before Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a choice that most people make when they want to improve something about the body. There are several procedures that can be performed by a plastic surgery North Carolina office. It’s important to understand the type of surgery that you want before you have the procedure done, including the risks that are involved. Also, think about the recovery from the surgery as this is something that many people neglect. They think that they can get up and do what they were doing before the surgery.

The care that is provided is targeted to the individual. Each nurse and doctor will ensure that you receive the best care possible when it comes to your comfort before you go back to surgery and your safety during the procedure. Expect reality from the surgery. There are pictures that you can look at all day that are of the same type of procedure that you want to have done, but at the end of the day, you’re body is what the doctor has to work with. You’re body might not be able to have the same shape as the pictures that you see, and you need to understand this before the procedure begins. If there are any doubts, then you need to wait on the surgery. There is no going back once the procedure is completed.

You’ll usually meet with the doctor at least twice before the surgery so that you can go over your medical history and the type of surgery that you’re having done. The doctor will talk about the recovery process and things that you should avoid doing until you are healed. At times, a small drain might be placed in the incision to help keep the area clean. This is usually seen with any surgery dealing with the breasts. You need to be in the best physical and mental health possible before the surgery. Stop smoking and drinking about two weeks before the procedure so that the body can get rid of the toxins. This will help with the recovery process and usually mean that anesthesia issues won’t be as prominent.