Birth Month

If I had one wish, it would be to be born on December. Unfortunately I was born on a summer, March. Well, doesn’t matter, December is still my favorite especially because of the cold weather! Brrr!

Like a rose, in pink <3

Like a rose, in pink <3


That said, I am more thrilled because when December comes, it also means I have gone through the year safe and sound – and also, because I was able to keep this blog (hopefully, still). I haven’t renewed it but I surely soon! It amazes me that even if I don’t blog that much this one’s still around to keep me company from the moment it was given to me on year 2008.

It has been my buddy through ups and downs, hype and slack. So, I am happy for another year for this blog! I may not do much, not post much or give much like others who hosts giveaway but I hope in my past years I have reached many hearts and hopefully be able to do that again, in time.


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