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Loving Pink!

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Jan 2011

So, belated Happy New Year everyone! I don’t think it’s belated anyway since our new year just started. Hello 2011! I don’t know what you have but I’m on! Whatever those are…

A few hours after this post, I’ll also be back in school – I guess the same goes for most of you guys. Didn’t pretty much enjoy vacation because of the hosting problem I had, and I wasn’t really productive as much as I was before but I guess it’s okay. I can make up for summer! Haha right, summer. Speaking of summer a few months then I turn nineteen lol I can’t believe i’m turning 19 this March.

I didn’t go online the whole day yesterday ~ and it was unbelievable! Hoho! Yes, 24/7! Tsktsk. I think, except that I updated my plurk account through my phone (for the sake of points) tsk. And other than that no more updates. I just felt like I needed a break and so did my laptop.

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Anyway, see ya later guys! Sorry I haven’t been blogging here, I don’t really know what to blog here. Sorry for the lame picture above btw. I really want a new theme, haaysss :(

Apr 2010

My friend shared to me about ConnectingSingles.com, an online dating site she says – but what’s cooler? It only does not let you find other singles but also you can play games for free, send free eCards, join groups, forums and more! And the best part is that they’re all free!

You can also find other fun things related to the most favorite hobbies and interests such as music, poetry, videos and you can also read articles. This is one way to spend summer especially if you can’t go outside, one way you can have fun! It’s also cool if you do it with more friends because the more the better right?

So don’t feel alone this summer! I’m sure like you, there are a bunch more people looking for ways to kill boredom and meet new people, to experience more fun things this summer vacation – it is up to you how you can meet them and like this, you can meet them online as well while enjoying playing a game or two which is 100% free! Don’t just sit there and pout about things, do something!

Until next time everyone, I’ll share to you if ever I have something new. May you all have a great summer break!

Apr 2010

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’m back? Tsk, it’s been almost a month. Been busy with the effin so called ‘thesis’ we had for school. And vacation started last week :) But I relaxed myself away from php because my head was already going to burst. Tsk, so anyway, sorry for not commenting back to all my blog friends. It’s pay back time!!  Thank you so much for still reading my crap I mean blog, I plan to start a new concept for this blog, but it doesn’t seem I can do as I planned. Haha. But it will be, a random blog rather than a personal one.

I should’ve put up this layout 2 days ago but I tried my best to study how I can make a widget ready layout and it was a success. It was really head-aching because on the process, there was some php file I had to do repeatedly, not realizing the reason why it was not working because I was saving it at a different folder:)) LOLZ me. And I’ve also kept myself busy with AruaRose like Bebi Deann was, harhar.

I’d like to congratulate all graduates, all new seniors. And those who got new page ranks. I’m glad I didn’t lost mine. Harhar. Let’s all celebrate. Woot. Now now, I have to work on other layouts @ _____ @ on my list. Tssss, I was practicing what to post here in my mind but now, like I usually am, I’m speechless. But hey, welcome me back!

Q: Does my layout look simple? haha. I can’t get the cuteness out :))

The others pages will be not available for a while. Haha. I’m working on `em :)

Happy Summer and Happy Vacation!!! God bless everyone:)