Belated Happy New Year!!!

So, belated Happy New Year everyone! I don’t think it’s belated anyway since our new year just started. Hello 2011! I don’t know what you have but I’m on! Whatever those are…

A few hours after this post, I’ll also be back in school – I guess the same goes for most of you guys. Didn’t pretty much enjoy vacation because of the hosting problem I had, and I wasn’t really productive as much as I was before but I guess it’s okay. I can make up for summer! Haha right, summer. Speaking of summer a few months then I turn nineteen lol I can’t believe i’m turning 19 this March.

I didn’t go online the whole day yesterday ~ and it was unbelievable! Hoho! Yes, 24/7! Tsktsk. I think, except that I updated my plurk account through my phone (for the sake of points) tsk. And other than that no more updates. I just felt like I needed a break and so did my laptop.

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Anyway, see ya later guys! Sorry I haven’t been blogging here, I don’t really know what to blog here. Sorry for the lame picture above btw. I really want a new theme, haaysss :(