Loving Pink

Loving Pink!

because i love pink
Aug 2009

Remember when I told you about $ 8 Rx eyeglasses? Well now they’ve got even more cool glasses! And surely, anywhere you go, whatever outfit you have – at the end of that day all you’ll be able to say to yourself is “These are the best glasses! These are My favorite high fashion eyeglasses!”

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Jul 2009

An individual’s eyes are one of the most important parts of our body. God made our eyes be a tool for one of our senses to be possible. What I’m referring to is the capability to see. We wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of the world if it weren’t for these eyes.

But fast changes takes place every now and then, and people have become careless. Today, instead of sleeping right they would rather face the monitor of the computers or read their favorite book for hours and hours. As a result, their eyes become very weary. As for those who spend their days with computers, their eyes are damaged because of too much computer. I know, because it happened to me.

Just recently, I had to get my own glasses before our classes started. I was anxious during the start of our classes because I didn’t have any glasses, I couldn’t see well. I had to wait for weeks before I got them.

Lucky for those who have seen Zenni Optical on TV!!! It’s an online shop that has a variety of eyeglasses. They have $ 8 Rx eyeglasses, which is a really great price offer you can’t find anywhere else. It even amazed me how many types of glasses they have, such as this one at the picture. It looks very unique and classy doesn’t it?

$ 8 Rx eyeglasses from ZenniOptical.com

$ 8 Rx eyeglasses from ZenniOptical.com

And it only costs 8$!

Overall, I give a High Five to Zenni Optical. For their great offers, that will really do great for students like me, youngsters and the old alike.