Loving Pink

Loving Pink!

because i love pink
Jul 2009

Got blog? Don’t have enough time or lazy seeing your link list? Well, I just what you need :

Do the blogwalk!

Do the blogwalk!

It’s very cool and cute since you get to submit screen captures of your website/blog. Plus, it’s free! With it you can get visitors and you get to visit other blogs with no hassle! A click away :)

So why not join now, I’m sure you’ll like it! [CLICK HERE TO GET TO BLOGWALKERS]

Jun 2009

Whew, I was relieved to find out I could still voice out and choose the top ten emerging influential blogs I choose for 2009. I hadn’t done it earlier although I was informed. I was always too busy with errands, school stuff, err, and Christian? Haha. Anyway, here goes my speech (kidding)

Like in real life, wherein I’m going to vote soon (I’ll be 18 soon:sad:) I found out every year influential blogs were chosen and given awards. Cool. During my stay in blogging, I haven’t really met much bloggers, but I know some who’ve not only inspired me to be a consistent blogger –

These are the blogs that for me, can greatly magnet the eyes of any indivual,

a reader, be it a blogger or not.











=== the blogs i look up to and are always inspiring me to be a better blogger:starr: that I’m sure, owned by people who are can be great influence to us, especially the youngsters of the world wide web.

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