Instax Mini 8: Gudetama Version!

Last Saturday, we had to drop by Glorietta (Makati) for my meetup with a friend/seller for stuff I purchased for her plus also drop by Black Pearl. It was a morning in a hurry as we tend to sleep a lot during weekends (who does not anyway?) but we managed to get there earlier than planned.

Upon arriving, we found out that Photoworld Asia event was taking place at Glorietta Activity Center. Actually, prior to going I did know that Nikon was going to be there so I brought my DLSR (after reading they’re going to give free cleaning, but I unfortunately missed out because it’s only for the first 50 *not sure, 15? 50?*)

We decided to stroll around while I wait for my friend’s SMS if she’s there already or not. Finally, after a bit of walking we stumbled to Fujifilm’s stallThere it was, an Instax Mini 8, in Gudetama version! I saw it earlier on my Facebook newsfeed and told myself at that time I saw it that (wow, it’s cute! But I’ll probably not get it)

Flash back years back, I first wanted an Instax Mini when me and my boyfriend saw a Rilakkuma version at Market! Market! Unfortunately, at the time, I was unemployed and broke (well, I still am broke ’til today lol) so I said, I’ll go back for it once I have money to buy it. I came back again but still hesitated, thinking, ‘I don’t really need this!’ until I eventually left this idea of getting one.

Not until, I saw that Gudetama version one. They’re different characters that I really like and I especially like Gudetama lately for his laziness that I can relate to (lol again) and just how adorable he is even without doing anything – plus I have a thing for eggs! (even calling my boyfie Mr. Quail egg)

So, what do you think happened next?I didn’t buy it!

Gudetama is life.

Gudetama is life.

No..well, not until after a zillion of second-thoughts. I kept on pacing back and forth from Fujifilm’s stall LOL.

Unfortunately, the wild Gudetama that appeared before me used the skill cuteness!!!

It was also a good purchase actually, since you get a bit of discount (from 4,999 PHP, you get it at 4,500 PHP I think). It comes with a few goodies, Gudetama stickers for you to add to your camera, and a pack of Gudetama films! Yay!

You also get discounts for the items (although I know, it’s not a good purchase financially huhu). I think the event ended today though. But I’m happy to be one of those ‘400’ people to get it lol.

Well, at least my second thoughts about getting this camera is finally over! Truth be told, it’s really fun to use and the magic of taking photos really take place! Plus, guys, it’s GUDETAMA WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!!!! HE’S SO LAZY HE BECAME A CAMERA LOL!!!


Gudetama is life!!!

Gudetama is life!!!


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