Loving Pink

Loving Pink!

because i love pink
Oct 2014

So often, people are judgemental. They base their opinions on your personality based on what they hear and see, do they really know the story? Well, not at all, right?

This is why I really like Taylor’s new song. It simply says that whatever they say, I’ll be fine :) That’s Taylor Swift for you. So often I wish it was easy as that in her song.

Sep 2014

Hi weekend, you finally came!

However, I’m sorry I spent you doing pretty much…nothing and just sitting while watching the T.V. It makes me wonder a lot why I always end up like that lately though. I guess because of too much computer at work I’ve become allergic to going online via my laptop/Mac Book 24/7?

Sometimes, I even wonder if I could go on party somewhere (but I’m totally bad with parties so..) so I can have fun while chilling with the fancy tables with fancy covers from the website.

Oh well. See you again in another 5 days weekend!

Jun 2014

For some reason, Thursday throwbacks and Friday flashbacks are such a trend that every now and then many participate in doing it. Simple, they share their old pictures as a way of reminiscing special times of the past. I occasionally join because it seems fun, you’re able to talk again with some old friends.

But did we know there’s are other ways to do this? Yupyup! Now we can “throwback” and “flashback” in a more fashionable way. Today, I introduce to you Southtree!

Memories matter!

Memories matter!

Memories matter, with Southtree you can give gift cards of your old pictures (yep, even the oldest ones) to anyone you want. You can even ask their help in preserving old pictures since your grandmother’s! Plus, if you’re having disk storage problems – their ForeverFile service is for you.

Isn’t this great? After all, in keeping pictures, some of us does tend to get careless so having a back up is definitely useful. For now, you can even try out their service – get 25% off with any order with code “blog25″. This promo code is valid until 7/15/14.

This post was created in partnership with Southtree. All opinions are my own.