Loving Pink

Loving Pink!

because i love pink
Nov 2014

What’s more awesome than hearing good news about your favorite TuneCore artists? Well, here it is! The Q3 milestones!

TuneCore Artist Milestones

TuneCore Artist Milestones

This post was created in partnership with TuneCore. All opinions are my own.

Oct 2014

So often, people are judgemental. They base their opinions on your personality based on what they hear and see, do they really know the story? Well, not at all, right?

This is why I really like Taylor’s new song. It simply says that whatever they say, I’ll be fine :) That’s Taylor Swift for you. So often I wish it was easy as that in her song.

Sep 2014

Hi weekend, you finally came!

However, I’m sorry I spent you doing pretty much…nothing and just sitting while watching the T.V. It makes me wonder a lot why I always end up like that lately though. I guess because of too much computer at work I’ve become allergic to going online via my laptop/Mac Book 24/7?

Sometimes, I even wonder if I could go on party somewhere (but I’m totally bad with parties so..) so I can have fun while chilling with the fancy tables with fancy covers from the website.

Oh well. See you again in another 5 days weekend!