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Loving Pink!

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Jun 2014

For some reason, Thursday throwbacks and Friday flashbacks are such a trend that every now and then many participate in doing it. Simple, they share their old pictures as a way of reminiscing special times of the past. I occasionally join because it seems fun, you’re able to talk again with some old friends.

But did we know there’s are other ways to do this? Yupyup! Now we can “throwback” and “flashback” in a more fashionable way. Today, I introduce to you Southtree!

Memories matter!

Memories matter!

Memories matter, with Southtree you can give gift cards of your old pictures (yep, even the oldest ones) to anyone you want. You can even ask their help in preserving old pictures since your grandmother’s! Plus, if you’re having disk storage problems – their ForeverFile service is for you.

Isn’t this great? After all, in keeping pictures, some of us does tend to get careless so having a back up is definitely useful. For now, you can even try out their service – get 25% off with any order with code “blog25″. This promo code is valid until 7/15/14.

This post was created in partnership with Southtree. All opinions are my own.

May 2014

Why 14 year old?

This was the time in my life when everything in the internet were rainbows and pie. I could do so many things at the same time. I could stay away for a week. I could put my heart and eyes out as much as I can.

  • Play Sims
  • Play Neopets
  • Blog (4-5x a day)
  • Make website layouts
  • Draw
  • Tinker with Photoshop
  • Watch movies and anime and series
  • Stay active in social networks, twitter, facebook, plurk, name it!

Looking back, I really miss doing these things. I always hated going to school because I hated waking up early and having to do homework but now, I miss school. As a grown-up, you don’t get looong vacations anymore. Huhu, why.

Mar 2014

Here’s another good read, I wish they Taught Me Money in High School: So I can Start my Own Business Right Away. It’s also part of the first book I reviewed (they’re two books in one! Cool isn’t it?) Anyway this books tackles more about businesses. Do you own a business or planning one? Then, this book is perfect for you.


I’ve never really ran any “serious” business. Although I’m currently doing web hosting as my “sideline”. I too had plans on running a serious one and still planning it, maybe I can make it happen.

I was inspired of the stories Ms. Sharon W. Que shared. She comes from a family that already owned business, but she didn’t pursue her career in running business out of the fact that her parents owned business. She wanted to have one simply because she knew it was what she wanted. Not all people are really brave enough and they just go with the flow.

In the book, you will understand more about how businesses work. Sure, you can own or start one with good capital. But are you really sure you’re going to get good results? There are so many things you need to think about first for that:

  • Who is the target of your business?
  • What are the important things you need to run this?

I know a family who has ran so many businesses yet they always fail. Other than the fact there is not much interest, they seem to not know the right way of handling the money that’s going in. And that’s bad.


  • A Clear & Vivid Picture
  • Burning Passion
  • Exceptional Persistence

I truly believe these are what you need to reach your goal. You should also think that when running a business, you’re not just after the money. Think of the people you will be doing your business for too!

It is truly funny how they seem to always make us solve crazy math problems yet they never explain importance of using it. Thanks to this book I’ve become more aware and I became inspired to still push through my dream business!

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